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Quartus Engineering

Quartus Engineering provides a wide variety of quality advanced engineering services for an array of industries to meet their technological challenges. Quartus personnel are experts using computer-aided tools to formulate solutions, allowing their customers to bring products to market within budget and on time. Quartus staff specializes in the design, analysis, and testing of mechanical systems for your industry.

Quartus' experienced team of engineers continually monitor design trends, analysis methods, software improvements, and manufacturing processes to ensure clients move forward with the best engineering solutions available.

Services Offered:

  • Systems Engineering

    • ​Quartus works in a broad set of industries to come up with innovative solutions. Quartus’ broad experience allows for a conceptual cross pollination of solutions from various industries and practices unmatched in a single engineering firm. At the outset of projects, Quartus pulls in technical resources with a wide set of experience to brainstorm creative solutions to complex problems.

  • Product Development 

    • ​Quartus has the ability to respond quickly to achieve the prototype deadlines your product development requires. Quartus is regularly brought in to analyze and design hardware that is pushing the developmental boundaries across industries. These cutting edge technology development programs are constantly pushing aggressive schedules. Quartus has a strong track record of meeting challenging deadlines in both design and build phases of projects.

  • Design

    • ​Quartus has nearly 20 years of experience performing detailed and complex mechanical design and analysis. This backbone of technical expertise supports all of the system design and development done at Quartus. Quartus can design and develop products that will meet your needs including quick turn prototypes, complex machinery, and production level products.

  • Simulation

    • ​Quartus has over 20 years of experience performing detailed and complex mechanical simulations and analysis. Quartus’ expertise in the simulation and evaluation of mechanical systems allows engineers to deliver complete solutions for requirements and specifications that span engineering disciplines. Quartus' analysis group is composed of members well versed in the application of different analysis methods allowing Quartus to characterize the performance of complex mechanical systems. 

  • Testing

    • ​Quartus understands the critical role that testing plays in different stages of product development. In Quartus’ 20 years of providing analysis, design and manufacturing support, testing has played a key role in meeting customer's expectations; the role that testing plays depends on the project and the needs of the customer. Quartus can work independently or with customers to develop test plans, test setups, test fixtures, and perform the required testing.

  • Optimization

    • ​Quartus engineers utilize advanced optimization tools to successfully identify engineering solutions that navigate the interaction between design variables such as cost, weight, and performance. Design optimization utilizes a systemic approach where user-defined criteria is evaluated in an iterative simulation where performance improvements are assessed relative to structural and environmental variations. 

  • Manufacturing

    • ​Quartus specializes in producing high end, optical and electro-mechanical assemblies, in prototype to low and mid-rate production quantities, as well as optical alignment and integration services. Quartus’ ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility, with cleanroom laboratory and workshop, is dedicated to system build, alignment, and verification testing.


1672 m² assembly area


465 m² class 10k cleanroom

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