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The Founder

Sean Newsome is the founder of Shorebreak Tech. He has over 25 years' experience fostering the growth of industry-leading BlueTech companies and products from unmanned systems to sensors, interconnect, and automation. A futurist and early advocate for the "family of systems" approach to utilizing unmanned systems in complementary ways, his primary focus has been in defense, critical infrastructure monitoring, and scientific research.

He strives to find the correct solution for the client regardless of where that leads with a reputation for putting long-term relationships ahead of short-term goals. This has resulted in an extensive network of clients and collaborators worldwide. 

Instrumental in the launch and long-term growth of notable unmanned systems and sensing products, he has developed product demand with multiple contracts in the millions of dollars.

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Sean enjoys technical writing and creating dynamic presentations, while collaborating on branding and marketing projects that lead to long-term and ongoing results, enhancing the presence and reputation of the products and companies he represents.

He has moderated, presented, and sat on panels for the US Navy, TMA BlueTech (formerly The Maritime Alliance), The Marine Technology Society, AUVSI, Underwater Intervention, Underwater Defence & Security, Naval Damage Control, and others, as well as written for the American Society of Naval Engineers (ASNE), Ocean News & Technology, Sea Technology, and UT3. Beyond business development, he has participated in post-tsunami humanitarian work in Japan with the Center for Robot Assisted Search & Rescue (CRASAR) under the guidance of Dr. Robin Murphy, and served as a long-term consultant for the National Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST) in developing independent performance test methods for underwater remotely operated vehicles.   


Over two and a half years living in Dubai representing several BlueTech companies, Sean led complex demonstrations and business development initiatives generating significant orders, new opportunities, and meaningful relationships with key partners in both defense and commercial applications. He has extensive business development experience throughout the Americas, Middle East, Europe, and Asia.  


A native of San Diego where Shorebreak Tech is based, Sean launched his BlueTech career as a decorated Nuclear Reactor Operator/Electronics Technician aboard US Navy Trident Submarines and has since worked in business development, sales & marketing, and product development. His Navy GI Bill was used to obtain an associate degree in the Visual Arts resulting in being awarded a "Best Portfolio" award by the San Diego Chapter of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) in 2004. Being educated in both engineering and artistic fields is in-line with his left-right brain approach to virtually every business challenge. He still bodysurfs the shorebreak at Marine Street in La Jolla, CA as he has for over 40 years.   

The Brand

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"Shorebreak" occurs with an abrupt change in depth as a wave reaches shore. Waves can peacefully travel thousands of kilometers only to suddenly “jack up” and drop on the beach in a perfect barrel with an audible “Whomp!”  The shorebreak zone is an imposing, dynamic, and disruptive region that seems impenetrable with calm water just a few meters beyond. When big shorebreak happens, it can be heard blocks away and felt in the air.


Big shorebreak makes an impact. It physically changes the landscape. Shorebreak Tech helps reach clients and motivates teams with that same impact by finding the story and creating hard facts about the products and services that are undeniable and relevant to the customer.

The Shorebreak logo is an abstract image of that wave about to impact the beach. The two bluish hues, representing the lip and barrel of a shorebreak wave, can also be interpreted to represent fresh and salt water (BlueTech). Combined with the land (orange) and water foam (white), the entire image represents Shorebreak Tech’s expertise across the water, air, and land interfaces. Click on the logo to learn more.

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