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HALO Maritime Defense Systems

HALO provides a comprehensive in-water defensive solution for port security, featuring both static barriers and dynamic retractable gates. Our systems, ranging from "Line of Demarcation" (LOD) setups to advanced configurations engineered to halt large vessels at high speeds, are crucial for modern port security strategies. Unlike traditional protective security barriers, HALO barriers are designed to withstand severe sea conditions without flipping over, boasting lifecycles of up to 15 years. The advanced composite barrier design ensures durability in the toughest marine environments, posing no threat to the ecosystem. HALO barriers are uniquely crafted to absorb high-energy impacts effectively, staying intact and operational for any subsequent threats.

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In the realm of port security, protecting BlueTech assets such as ships, critical infrastructure, and strategic entry points is paramount. These assets face threats from intrusion, destruction, and theft. HALO's floating barriers and gates are vital for securing these vulnerable points against waterborne dangers. Our protective barriers stand out by offering the option to integrate diver/UUV detection sonar, surveillance cameras, lighting, and even oil spill mitigation solutions, courtesy of our partnership with Earthwise Sustainable Sorbent Technologies.

Engineered with precision, HALO barriers undergo extensive modeling and simulation to meet the highest standards. They are the only barriers independently tested and confirmed to meet US Navy performance specifications for port security, demonstrating unmatched anchor-less stopping power. Our barriers can halt a 3-ton vessel traveling at 43 knots within a mere three meters, as verified by independent US Navy tests, setting a new benchmark in port security.

Left video: Installation of HALO's Guardian automatic, retractable gate installed in a Navy base entrance. Right video: HALO's Guardian retractable gate stopping a 3200kg boat traveling 43 knots in under 3m (10ft). Video is from independent US Navy testing. 

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"Shorebreak Take": The importance of waterside security for ships and critical infrastructure is increasingly recognized, paralleling the attention given to terrestrial access control. With actual attacks on these assets happening under the radar, HALO emerges as the sole proven solution provider. Our barriers, tested and verified independently, ensure unparalleled protection for valuable assets against rogue vessels. Current deployments include military bases and nuclear power plants, underscoring our commitment to leading-edge port security solutions.

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