Dragonfish Manufacturing

If your company is having issues with long delivery times and high minimum order requirements for your critical molded connectors and cable assemblies, then Dragonfish Mfg. (DFM) is the solution.

DFM produces industry interchangeable Rubber Molded Connectors and Cable Assemblies. The company was founded in 2019 by Ray Hom, who has over three decades of experience at Impulse/Teledyne Impulse as Engineering Manager, VP and General Manager. DFM was created to answer critical issues in the maritime connector and cable assembly industry by:

  • Providing reasonable INITIAL lead times of eight (8) weeks or less. Stocking items is also available after the initial order.

  • Instituting a $1.00 minimum order policy for everyone with no minimum line item requirements and no other limiting conditions

  • Being very easy to do business with; they want you to be happy.

Tailored Proposals

DFM continues to engineer and tool up to produce more parts. Bring your requests to Shorebreak Tech and DFM will propose a production plan.


DFM is tooled and producing many of the most common parts in 6 weeks or less!

  • MCBH in brass, stainless steel (SS), titanium (Ti), and AL/MCIL pigtails, double-ended cable assemblies and multi-leg harnesses.

  • Bulkheads (BH) in brass, SS, Ti, and AL/IL pigtails.

  • AG306/AG206, RMG, MKS, and more.

  • DFM can produce parts with contacts specifically-suited to the style of connector you currently use.

  • In-line connectors, locking sleeves, accessories and custom-engineered solutions – even one-off designs.

  • DFM has conducted successful inter-matability testing to 20 kpsi with MCBH/MCIL parts from the other manufacturers.

The Catch

Because DFM is small and growing, they anticipate that they may not always be the lowest-cost option compared to larger suppliers, when price is the only consideration. However, current clients are telling DFM they are getting great value with a refreshing level of service.

"Shorebreak Take": If you are looking for faster lead times, no minimum order requirements, and less production and product delays from a small and growing US company with heart, then please contact SBT for a quote. The DFM slogan says it all, “Make Connectors Available Again!”

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