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SubSeaSail has developed an ingenious wind-propelled and solar-powered unmanned semi-submersible sailing vessel (USSV). The system is remarkably simple, rugged, and economical. Applications such as ocean sensing can be accomplished with minimal investment compared to other unmanned surface platforms. Key patented and patent-pending technologies include:

  • A sailing vessel with the hull below the surface and wingsail above (patented) – reduces friction (wave drag) with little/no wake and a very low visual signature, if desired.

  • Passive Wingsail Control Mechanism (patented) – No electronics, lines, cables, or pulleys are required to optimally position the sail with respect to wind direction This feature significantly reduces cost and complexity.

SubSeaSail platforms are:

  • Scalable and variable - available in mono-hull and catamaran configurations, individual and swarming missions.

  • Fulfill broad applications – ASW; C4ISR; cargo pre-positioning and delivery; communications gateways; ocean-sensing; protection of Exclusive Economic Zones and Marine Protected Areas; targets and decoys; UUV and UAV delivery/launch/landing/recharging; UXO detect/MCM, among others

"Shorebreak Take": SubSeaSail platforms are some of the most disruptive in the industry. Extremely economical, persistent, and reliable. A single servo to control the rudder is the only electro-mechanical part required to sail. 

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