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SubC Imaging

SubC Imaging designs and manufactures advanced, intelligent video and lighting systems for the offshore and subsea markets. They provide both comprehensive turnkey and custom imaging solutions for ROVs, Tow/Drop and subsea observatory systems, among others. Products include 4K video/21MP still cameras, 10x optical zoom capability, LED strobe and lighting systems, laser scaling, the SubC DVR with Overlay, and a new remote streaming service.

The SubC DVR system is easy to learn (about an hour), capable of 6 channel recording of 4K, HD, and SD video with text and graphics overlay, and is compatible with IP, SDI and composite cameras. Blackbox recording, real-time image enhancement, and VSAT video streaming are just a few of the additional added-value features of the SubC DVR.

SubC’s new Streaming Video Service will enable secure, real-time monitoring of remote applications from anywhere in the world. The cloud-based service delivers low-latency video and audio for remote observation of operations.

Excellent customer support, training, live demonstrations and webinars are all part of SubC’s component and package solutions.

"Shorebreak Take": For complete topside to subsea video and still systems with professional features and thoughtful integration, no other imaging system manufacturer offers as many standard features with comprehensive data management capabilities as SubC Imaging.

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