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Marine Advanced Robotics

The Wam-V USV platform has amazing stability for your sensors and technologies unlike any other unmanned surface vessel available

Two WAM-V USVs track with a manned survey vessel providing a real-time MegaSwath of bathymetric data. 

The Wave Adaptive Modular Vessel (WAM-V) represents a breakthrough in the class of watercraft, encompassing both autonomous and manned versions, and stands out as a leading solution in the domain of Unmanned Surface Vessels (USVs). This innovative vessel utilizes a unique suspension technology that dramatically enhances seagoing capabilities. The WAM-V's articulating system, featuring springs, shocks, and ball joints, minimizes structural loading. This results in a remarkable reduction of over 70% in vessel motion at the surface, significantly optimizing the quality of data from onboard sensors and ensuring a safer, more stable platform for integrated USVs.

Thanks to its ultra-light, modular design, the WAM-V can operate in sea conditions that would sideline similar-sized conventional boats. Its incredibly shallow draft and arches add to its versatility, allowing it to function like a gantry crane, enhancing its utility for Unmanned Surface Vessels operations.

The WAM-V's flexible structure, which adapts to the water's surface, ensures an exceptionally smooth and level platform, crucial for USVs. Inflatable pontoons absorb motion and force, while hinged engine pods keep the propellers immersed for improved stability and controllability. With a 2:1 length-to-beam ratio and articulating suspension systems, the WAM-V excels in maneuverability and stability, key attributes for USVs.

Available in a range of sizes and configurations, the WAM-V line now includes the WAM-V 8, the most expeditionary model yet, capable of being transported on commercial aircraft in multiple cases. In scenarios where sensor and payload costs may surpass the platform costs, the ultra-stable WAM-V technology ensures the most consistent and repeatable sensor data in real-world applications, safeguarding payloads in demanding sea states, a critical feature for Unmanned Surface Vessels.

WAM-V platforms are available in an incredible variety of sizes and configurations, including the new WAM-V 8, their most expeditionary model, which is able to be transported on commercial aircraft via multiple cases. In applications where the sensor and payload costs can often outweigh the platform costs, the ultra-stable WAM-V technology delivers the most consistent and repeatable sensor data in real-world applications while protecting payloads from the shock demanding sea states. 


The WAM-V 8 is truly expeditionary - stored in one-person shipping cases and capable of commercial airline travel.


WAM-V platforms are ideal for low-logistics monitoring of critical infrastructure and marine protected areas.

"Shorebreak Take": The WAM-V USVs stand as the most stable platforms for bathymetric surveys and the deployment of unmanned systems and payloads. Our offerings include a wide selection from small, expeditionary systems under 3 meters to larger, versatile manned and unmanned systems exceeding 30 meters, catering to a broad spectrum of USVs applications.

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