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Imenco leads the industry in the supply of harsh environment CCTV systems with 40 years design & integration experience. Imenco undertakes all aspects of system engineering from the design of cameras for bespoke applications to complete system integration. Their capabilities include system design, manufacture, as well as test & qualification to customer specifications. Imenco has demonstrated their capabilities via many naval contracts worldwide, both historical and current. Imenco solutions include Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ), harsh environment, 360-panoramic, thermal imaging systems, as well as complete Master Control Systems

Imenco has a comprehensive selection of CCTV solutions for Naval, Marine, Offshore, and Special Applications. Contact Shorebreak Tech with your application, no matter how simple or complicated, and we will work to create a custom solution from a broad range of standard products and bespoke solutions.


"Shorebreak Take": For the most comprehensive selection of maritime CCTV complete solutions, Imenco is the leader. They have the capability and resources to design a complete solution; from single point systems to complete naval ship programs.   

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