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HALO Maritime Defense Systems

HALO provides a complete in-water defensive solution comprised of both static barriers and dynamic retractable gates. The systems range from "Line of Demarcation" (LOD) systems to systems engineered and independently proven to stop large vessels traveling at high speeds. Unlike legacy protective security barriers, HALO barriers handle severe sea states and will not flip over while having lifecycles of 15 years.  The advanced composite barrier design ensures survival in the harshest marine environments with no ecosystem impact. HALO barriers are uniquely-designed to displace high-energy impacts while remaining intact and ready for potential follow-on attacks. 

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All valued BlueTech assets on the water including ships, critical infrastructure, and strategic points of entry have a need for protection from intrusion, destruction, and theft. HALO floating barriers and gates provide essential security for assets that are vulnerable to waterborne threats. HALO protective barriers are unique in that they can be enhanced with diver/UUV detection sonar, cameras, lighting - even oil mitigation solutions from their partner Earthwise Sustainable Sorbent Technologies.

HALO barriers are designed using comprehensive modeling and simulation and are the only independently tested barriers that meet US Navy performance specifications. They are unique in that they provide anchor-less stopping power, capable of stopping a three (3) ton boat traveling 43 knots in under three (3) meters distance, as verified with independent US Navy testing. HALO barriers are undeniably best-in-class. 

Left video: Installation of HALO's Guardian automatic, retractable gate installed in a Navy base entrance. Right video: HALO's Guardian retractable gate stopping a 3200kg boat traveling 43 knots in under 3m (10ft). Video is from independent US Navy testing. 

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"Shorebreak Take": Waterside security for ships and critical infrastructure is finally receiving the same attention as secure access from land. Actual attacks to ships and critical infrastructure are occurring now with little if any press coverage. HALO is the only solution provider that is independently tested and proven to protect our valuable assets from rogue vessels with current installations including military bases and nuclear power plants.

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