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EOM Offshore

EOM Offshore solutions is an spin-off from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute that delivers real-time data from seafloor-to-surface with unique, patented elastomeric mooring technologies, subsea equipment recovery systems, and other mooring components and installation services.


Their technologies significantly reduce the environmental impact of mooring systems in the ocean, provide quiet mooring solutions for environmental monitoring such as Right Whale migration in the Atlantic, eliminate seafloor scouring to protect endangered bio such as eel grass, and ensure operators of subsea mooring and nodes can repeatedly retrieve their systems with minimal impact to the environment. 

Stretch EM Cable

This unique mooring technology stretches to 2.5 times its original length through millions of cycles while providing protected power and data lines from the seafloor to the surface. By stretching vertically during wave action as opposed to utilizing a staggered arrangement of chains and midwater buoys, EOM installations have a very small “watch circle” on the surface meaning they are less likely to drift into shipping lanes or become entangled. They are also very quiet, which is critical in applications such as environmental monitoring around offshore installations. There is simply no better way to transmit power and data between the seafloor and the surface in a smart, ecologically-friendly way. 

EM Chain

EOM Offshore's No-Stretch EM Cable visually resembles EOM Offshore's Stretch EM cable, and both deliver continuous real-time measurements and power. Unlike the Stretch EM cable, the No-Stretch EM Cable is non-compliant, so it does not stretch or bend due to the inner chain built inside the marine exhaust hardwall. It will not hockle, and it is quieter than comparable steel link chain alternatives. In addition, power and communications lines can be integrated within protected structure.


Line-Pak Marine Recovery System

EOM Offshore’s LinePak-Marine Recovery System (LP-MRS) is a versatile product used to recover any asset located on the seafloor. The LP-MRS lets the end-user be compliant with environmental laws, requiring that all mooring elements be recovered, including the anchor. Operational expenditures are reduced since the asset may be recovered and deployed multiples times. The LP-MRS is spirally wrapped with a strong and durable synthetic line, inside which is an integrated acoustic release.  The line is wrapped to prevent bio-fouling, while maintaining a compact package for on-deck handling during deployment operations.  


Conservation Mooring

Rather than moor with a series of chains and buoys that noisily scour the seafloor in sea-states with a broad watch circle, EOM's Conservation Mooring stretches 2.5 times its length, expanding and contracting with wave action and winds while keeping the anchor and surface equipment free from the seafloor and closely in-line preventing extensive drift. This meets current ocean environmental desires to protect the seafloor, reduce man-made disruptive noise, and ensure safe, consistent deployment of moorings and critical infrastructure.   

Other EOM Offshore products include:

  • Multi-Function Marine Recovery System

  • Universal Joints

  • Turnkey solutions and installation

"Shorebreak Take": Noisy chains and buoys and discarding bottom anchors and nodes are not eco-friendly to our ocean environment. Transmitting data between the seafloor and surface using loose cabling wrapped around chains and lines is unreliable, ungainly, and "old school." Scouring the seafloor damaging ocean life and infrastructure is no longer necessary when using EOM's eco-friendly systems. Shorebreak Tech is proud to offer solutions to these issues with EOM Offshore's smart and environmentally-friendly tech. Please contact us for specific examples of current applications and projects.  

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