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Deep Trekker

Deep Trekker is the most innovative and proactive remotely operated vehicle manufacturer in the industry with ingenious patented technologies, unique capabilities, proven reliability, and outstanding customer support at industry-disruptive price-points. Operators can perform complex tasks with platforms that require no auxiliary equipment such as generators, very little training, and are ready to deploy in a couple minutes.

All ROVs are battery-powered (several hours on a 90-minute charge), 1-2 person portable/operable, extremely reliable and, best of all, very economical. Magnetically-coupled, non-oil compensated thrusters offer no shaft seal to wear and run long duration in air without damage. Delivery is often one day to one week (limited by availability of third-party sensors). With Deep Trekker, owners get peace of mind knowing they have a capable, reliable ROV that is fully-supported by a dedicated technical staff.

Cutting-edge BRIDGE operating software offers unprecedented vehicle stabilization and precision handling, with SD recording, HDMI/USB, and WiFi capability from a splash-proof hand controller with 15cm LCD screen. The Operator can “jog” between video and (optional) imaging sonar views. Deep Trekker ROVs operate straight out of the case fully-assembled.

Deep Trekker is also the only ROV manufacturer to offer optional underwater hand controllers and tether management systems for both DTG3 and DT Revolution platforms. Diving operators can fly into sunken wrecks or deploy the ROV to depth increasing their safety by planning risky operations without riskier decompression operations. Is a "Common Controller" on your wish list? With Deep Trekker, you can control the Revolution, DTG3 (below) AND their upcoming UGV and current inspection crawlers with one controller. Please visit their website (link below) to learn more about Deep Trekker, their utility crawlers, and large accessory options. 

The DT Revolution - A Very Capable Vectored ROV with a Highly Disruptive Price


The Revolution defines disruptive ROV technology. It can be directly compared to ROVs with significantly higher initial investment and operating costs while benefiting from Deep Trekker’s renowned service and support. The Revolution is a 1-2 person portable and operable vectored thrust ROV that is open platform, modular, and expeditionary.


A unique rotating head incorporating HD 4K cameras, LED lighting, and both optional dual function manipulator imaging sonars, as well as Positioning, DVLs, etc. Benefits? Precisely place tooling and optimize your sonar/video system views without complex and expensive sensors and software required to pitch and yaw the entire ROV or invest in costly multi degree of freedom arms. Quickly charge the batteries over lunch for another 3-8 hours of use or swap them on-the-fly. Best of all, the Revolution platform base price is a fraction of the cost of comparable systems and always includes Deep Trekker's renowned support. 


The DTG3 Series of ROVs is the perfect addition to any team requiring the ability to rapidly access critical infrastructure and ship hulls, retrieve objects as heavy as 40kg using the tether as a lift line, even attach a carabiner to an object at virtually any angle – all in a system that costs a small fraction of more complicated ROVs. DTG3 systems arrive in a single carry case and include HD 4K cameras and LED lighting standard.


Like the Revolution, the DTG3 includes a thin, snag resistant 4.5mm all copper tether, and accepts optional dual-function manipulators and third-party sensors such as imaging sonars.

The DTG3 - Compact ROV with Industry-Leading Performance

Click here to learn more about Deep Trekker's comprehensive ADVANTAGE warranty program. The GOLD level includes a second built ROV standing by for service swap (with an option to purchase) AND a complete system base platform upgrade (?!) at the end of the warranty.


The DTG3 includes a wheeled case with everything you need and can be transported on commercial airlines

"Shorebreak Take": Nothing beats the cost-to-performance specs of Deep Trekker ROVs and ground crawlers. Operators can perform the same missions and tasks with systems that cost 1/3 compared to other systems while enjoying excellent service from a company that cares about your success. The Advantage (Gold) warranty program ensures you are covered and upgraded at the end of three (3) years.

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