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Azoth Systems

O’Dive-PRO is a patented innovation that enables the analysis of the quality of decompression procedures by considering two indicators for which a correlation to the decompression sickness (DCS) risk has been proven: the dive exposure parameters on the one hand and the quantity of microbubbles detected in the operators’ bloodflow after their intervention.

The system includes a vascular microbubble sensor (ultrasonic Doppler technology) connected to a special server with specialized analysis tools. The compact and robust sensor can be coupled with a data-logger watch used to record all of the exposure profiles in digital format.

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How does the Service Work?

The service is based on regular monitoring of circulating microbubbles in the diver’s venous flow after the dive. The measured results are compared with standardized values. The Standard benefits from the hindsight of hundreds of thousands of exposures analyzed by Azoth Systems. A periodic report is issued by Azoth to inform the User of their results who are invited to adapt changes to the diving practices based on the results, if necessary. The service includes a complete O’Dive Pro kit or kits as part of the subscription.

How is the O’Dive Pro used?

After decompression, the diver places the sensor for 20 seconds under each clavicle and records the signals to the O’Dive Pro module. The dive parameters (depth, duration, and open-circuit or rebreather) is entered for each diver or, if they utilize a Shearwater Dive Watch, the dive profile is synced automatically. The information is then collected anonymously and is continuously analyzed as part of a quality monitoring system.


"Shorebreak Take": US Navy studies have shown that the bulk of dive injuries are due to barotrauma. In other words, injuries result from diving itself, far more than work done during the dive. Although standard decompression tables are conservative, no one responds the same. O’Dive Pro eliminates much of the guesswork and assumptions in using the tables and provides accurate assessments of the dive for each individual team member on the dive. O’Dive Pro gives the users valuable data to ensure all divers on the team are diving safely and following the protocols.  

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