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Azoth Systems

O’Dive-PRO is a patented piece of diver equipment that represents a significant innovation in diving safety, enabling precise analysis of decompression procedures. This system uniquely assesses two key indicators correlated with the risk of decompression sickness (DCS): the dive exposure parameters and the quantity of microbubbles detected in a diver's bloodstream post-dive.

The core of the O’Dive-PRO system is its vascular microbubble sensor, which utilizes ultrasonic Doppler technology. This sensor is connected to a special server equipped with sophisticated analysis tools. Designed to be both compact and durable, the sensor can be paired with a data-logger watch that records all exposure profiles in a digital format, making it an indispensable piece of diver equipment for monitoring safety.

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How does the Service Work?

O’Dive-PRO's service focuses on regular monitoring of circulating microbubbles within the diver’s venous flow after exiting the water. By comparing the measured results against standardized benchmarks—derived from the analysis of hundreds of thousands of dive exposures by Azoth Systems—divers receive a periodic report. This report advises divers on any necessary adjustments to their diving practices, enhancing safety and efficiency. Subscription to the service includes access to a complete O’Dive Pro kit, further emphasizing its value as critical diver equipment.

How is the O’Dive Pro used?

Post-decompression, the diver uses the sensor on each clavicle for 20 seconds to record signals to the O’Dive Pro module. Divers input their dive parameters—depth, duration, and whether they were on open-circuit or rebreather—or sync their dive profile automatically via a Shearwater Dive Watch. This data is collected anonymously and forms part of a continuous quality monitoring system, underscoring the O’Dive Pro’s role as essential diver equipment in promoting safety.


"Shorebreak Take": US Navy research underscores that the majority of diving-related injuries stem from barotrauma, indicating that the physical act of diving, rather than the tasks performed underwater, poses the greatest risk. Although standard decompression tables offer a conservative guideline, individual responses vary significantly. The O’Dive Pro system minimizes the guesswork associated with these tables, providing divers with precise, individualized assessments of their decompression safety. As an advanced piece of diver equipment, O’Dive Pro empowers diving teams to adhere to best practices, ensuring every member’s safety during underwater operations.

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